The Lift King Ajon is a great option when moving disabled vehicles of all types a safe and easy task even if the suspension, cradle or axle is damaged. It is a great feature for all collision, repair, and restoration shops.

It allows the disabled vehicle to be moved around the shop, over speed bumps, uneven pavement, floor cracks and onto a frame rack.

The difference between the Lift King Ajon and other disabled vehicle devices is the Lift King Ajon becomes a part of the vehicle compared to the vehicle just sitting on a device. This makes the movement of a disabled vehicle a much safer option.

The Lift King Ajon can be used in the front or the rear of the vehicle and is fastened in the original connecting points of the frame or sub-frame. It is completely connected in under 5 minutes and simple to use.

The Lift King Ajon is a great way to remove a disabled vehicle from the lift, frame rack, or a stand while waiting on parts, repairs, and inspections.

Lift King Ajon

SKU: LK70000