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The Lift King Painter’s Package comes with four automotive paint stands:

Fender Paint Stand: This paint stand is very adjustable, allowing technicians to paint fenders while avoiding shadows and uneven coverage. This paint stand also works on most fenders with an inner lip. It folds up by removing one pin, so this stand can easily be hung on a wall mount or on a Lift King Box Dolly / Fender Stand Rack.

Extreme Stand: This multi-use stand is perfect for every collision, paint, and restoration shop. This stand works on any panel that has bolt or pilot holes. The four arms and six connecting points are independently adjustable to fit and secure all makes and designs. The stand has telescopic height adjustment to give the painter their desired height. It also can adjust the panel in a vertical or horizontal position, including anywhere in between. This stand has a complete 360-degree rotation of the panel with locking positions every inch. The Extreme Stand can also be folded and hung by simply removing a pin.


Deluxe Paint Stand: This stand is built much heavier than most paint stands on the market and has great stability and durability with an adjustable height from 5’ to 7’. The top center bar can hang 250 lbs. without any bowing or flexing. The stand comes with eight panel hooks that slide vertically and horizontally. The hooks can also be flipped over or turned on an angle for the best hooking point. The center bar can be detached by removing two snap pins when hanging large panels. This is a great universal paint stand for trim parts, hoods, doors, fenders, bumpers, liftgates, tailgates, and many other panels of all shapes and sizes.


Easy Panel Stand: This stand is built much heavier than most competing paint stands for greater stability and durability. The Easy Panel Paint Stand is a great choice when painting several different panels including hoods, doors, tailgates, liftgates, hatches, and more. This stand works on any panel that can be connected to its three connecting points.


More information on each of these paint stands can be found on their individual product pages.

Lift King Painter's Package

  • Fender Paint Stand, Extreme Stand, Deluxe Paint Stand, & Easy Panel Stand

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