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The Lift King Wheel Attachment is a great feature for all collision and mechanical shops performing repairs that require a wheel or tire to be removed or installed.

This attachment is designed to accommodate wheels and tires of any size and weight. It is a great feature when removing and installing automotive, commercial truck, commercial trailer, and several other wheel or tire designs without any human lifting or strain.


The Lift King Wheel Attachment is designed with rollers on the main chassis for easy wheel or tire rotation to perfectly align the bolt pattern during installation. The main chassis is adjustable to accommodate the width of the wheel or tire. The upper support arm is also adjustable to accommodate the height of the wheel or tire and to secure the wheel or tire into a firm, safe position.


The Lift King Wheel Attachment works on wheels and tires on vehicles as small as a typical economy car and as large as a super single on a commercial semi-truck or trailer. This is also a great feature for moving large, heavy wheels or tires around the shop with ease. The average lifting height from the floor to the bottom of the tire is approximately 48 inches.

Lift King Wheel Attachment

SKU: LK5350
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