The Lift King Door Attachment comes with everything needed to connect to the Main Component for one technician to perform the removal and installation of doors on cars, trucks, semis, and all types of automotive and commercial vehicles.


The Door Attachment attaches to Lift King Main Component in the matter of seconds with no tools needed.


There are THREE key benefits that the Lift King Main Component and Door Attachment offers compared to the typical door jack.


  • Much more precise adjustments to better fit the door into the perfect position


  •  The reaching height allows a door to be removed or installed while the vehicle is on the frame rack.


  • The Lift King Main Component with the Door Attachment not only lifts car and truck doors like a door jack, but it also lifts larger doors such as sprinter doors, semi-truck doors, and even semi-trailer doors.


This application increases labor productivity and reduces the risk of worker compensation claims and human injury.


This is a great way to remove and install automotive, commercial equipment, and fleet truck doors of all sizes large and small.


The Lift King is not the only way to remove or install automotive, and commercial truck doors, it is the safest and most efficient way.

Lift King Door Attachment

SKU: LK5200
  • Remove car door, install car door, paint car door, restore car door, customize car door, repair car door. One person remove car door, one person install car door

    Remove truck door, install truck door, paint truck door, restore truck door, customize truck door, tilt truck door, repair truck door



    Remove pickup door, install pickup door, paint pickup door, restore pickup door, customize pickup door, tilt pickup door, repair pickup door. One person remove truck door, one person install truck door

    Remove semi door, install semi door, paint semi door, restore semi door, customize semi door, tilt semi door, repair semi door. One person remove semi door, one person install semi door