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The Lift King Fender Paint Stand is an inexpensive, simple, and well-designed stand. This stand works on fenders that have an inner lip.


It is highly adjustable so the painter can angle the fender into the best position for stability, painting, and height. 


One key benefit compared to other stands on the market is that there are no pins or clips needed to hold the fender in position. This will improve the quality of the paint job by avoiding shadows and uneven coverage. The paint and clearcoat will have an even thickness to avoid future flaking and chipping.


This paint stand requires very little space when stored. To store the stand, pull one pin, fold the stand, and hang on a wall mount or a Lift King Accessory Rack.


Several shops that have purchased this stand typically buy more after using it. Our customers use this stand for many other applications such as bumpers, trim parts, mirrors, and even doors.


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Lift King Fender Paint Stand

SKU: FPS5100
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