The Lift King Deluxe Paint Stand Plus is designed as a universal paint stand for use in and out of the paint booth. It is built much heavier then most on the market. This stand was designed for stability and durability.

 The height is adjustable from 5’ to 7’. It comes with four heavy duty panel hooks that slide from side to side, telescopic, and can be flipped over or turned on an angle for the best hooking point.

 It has four swivel brake casters for easy moving and securing into position.

Plus: The difference between the Deluxe Paint Stand and the Deluxe Paint Stand Plus has an additional center bar feature and four additional heavy duty panel hooks. The center bar can be installed or removed in seconds by removing two snapper pins.

The center bar with the four additional heavy duty panel hooks allows a technician to secure parts or panels from all angles as well as hang more items.

This is a great universal paint stand for trim parts, hoods, doors, fenders, bumpers, lift gates, tail gates, and several other panels.

Lift King Deluxe Paint Stand Plus

SKU: LK5570P