The Lift King Hood Attachment comes with everything needed to connect to the Main Component for one technician to perform the removal and installation of hoods on cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans, and other automobiles.


The Door Attachment attaches to Lift King Main Component in the matter of seconds with no tools needed.


One technician can quickly connect the Lift King Hood Attachment to a hood, adjust with a slight amount of upward pressure, remove the bolts connecting the hood to the hinges without the hood dropping down into the cowl or windshield. The hood attachment also has a ton of adjustability. It allows for the hood to be tilted in a complete upward or downward position, and a complete 360 degree rotation to find the best possible position for performing repairs.

Lift King Hood Attachment

SKU: LK5400
  • Remove car hood, install car hood, paint car hood, restore car hood, customize car hood, tilt car hood, repair car hood. One person remove car hood, one person install car hood

    Remove truck hood, install truck hood, paint truck hood, restore truck hood, customize truck hood, tilt truck hood, repair truck hood.

    Remove pickup hood, install pickup hood, paint pickup hood, restore pickup hood, customize pickup hood, tilt pickup hood, repair pickup hood. One person remove truck hood, one person install truck hood