The Lift King is a universal lift designed to remove and install pickup boxes, semi hoods, fiberglass and aluminum toppers, doors, and fifth wheels with one technician and no human lifting


Key Points

  • One technician, one tool operation
  • Steel construction & powder coat finish
  • When in the stored position it only requires 3 square feet of floor space
  • Unfolds from the stored position to the working position without the need of tools and within seconds
  • The lift has a safety latch feature, if the cable became defective and broke, the lift and the item it is lifting would only drop a couple of inches and stop to avoid technician injury
  • The lift is rated for 500lbs, it passed testing at 1,000lbs and comes with a 1,000lb brake winch. Lifting a 350lb pickup bed or semi hood is a very easy process
  • Avoid human strain, the loss of a good employee due to injury, worker compensation claims, and potential legal claims
  • Improve quality by avoiding the possibility of damage to the customers vehicle
  • Why pay four people to do the job of one. Cut cost by decreasing labor with the Lift King.
  • Collision repairs can be performed while the damaged item remains on the lift. The lift will adjust the item to the best working height for the technician.


To learn more watch our video:

Lift King Main Component

SKU: LK4000