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The Lift King Main Component is designed to increase:


SAFETY by protecting the technician from physical strain or injury


PRODUCTIVITY by reducing the need of multiple technicians to only one


QUALITY by reducing the chance for damage


The Main Component is designed to accommodate many attachments for one technician to perform multiple functions. Some applications include the removal or installation of any size pickup boxes, camper toppers, and semi and automotive hoods, doors, and fifth wheel plates. Additional attachments continue to be designed and introduced to our product line.


Key Benefits:

  • One technician, one tool operation
  • Steel construction & powder coat finish
  • Only requires a 3’ X 3’ floor print when in the stored position
  • Set up and tear down in seconds
  • Equipped with all necessary safety features and warning decals
  • Rated for 600lbs and passed testing at 1,000lbs
  • 1,500lb brake winch for easy lifting
  • Avoid physical strain, and mitigate risk of injury
  • Improve quality by avoiding the possibility of damage to the customer’s vehicle
  • Collision repairs can be performed while the damaged item remains on the lift
  • The Main Component pays for itself time and time again

Lift King Main Component

SKU: LK4000
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