The Tilt Boom Attachment is designed to tilt a pickup box in an upward position for under box repairs, sandblasting, restoration, painting, or rust proofing. Once the box is tilted in the upward position, the safety pin that is included is to be inserted to lock it into position for operator safety.


The Tilt Boom Attachment connects to the Main Component in the matter of seconds by setting it in the designated position and only the addition of one pin. The Tilt Boom makes is easy to tilt the pickup box in an upward position with only one operator on no human lifting.


This is a must have attachment for restoration shops, custom shops, hot rod shops, collision shops, and paint shops.

Lift King TIlt Boom

SKU: LK4036
  • Remove pickup bed, install pickup bed, paint pickup bed, restore pickup bed, customize pickup bed, undercoat pickup bed, tilt pickup bed, repair pickup bed. One person remove pickup bed, one person install pickup bed

    Remove pickup box, install pickup box, paint pickup box, restore pickup box, customize pickup box, undercoat pickup box, tilt pickup box, repair pickup box. One person remove pickup box, one person install pickup box

    Remove truck bed, install truck bed, paint truck bed, restore truck bed, customize truck bed, undercoat truck bed, tilt truck bed, repair truck bed. One person remove truck bed, one person install truck bed

    Remove truck box, install truck box, paint truck box, restore truck box, customize truck box, undercoat truck box, tilt truck box, repair truck box. One person remove truck box, one person install truck box