The Lift King Stabilizer Kit is a great feature when performing collision repairs to a pickup box while on the Lift King Main Component. This feature allows the technician to eliminate the majority of front end bounce of the bed while it is on the Main Component during heavy repairs or changing out box sides.


Watch this video to see the stabilizer kit in action!

Lift King Stabilizer Kit

  • Remove pickup bed, install pickup bed, paint pickup bed, restore pickup bed, customize pickup bed, undercoat pickup bed, tilt pickup bed, repair pickup bed. One person remove pickup bed, one person install pickup bed

    Remove pickup box, install pickup box, paint pickup box, restore pickup box, customize pickup box, undercoat pickup box, tilt pickup box, repair pickup box. One person remove pickup box, one person install pickup box


    Remove truck bed, install truck bed, paint truck bed, restore truck bed, customize truck bed, undercoat truck bed, tilt truck bed, repair truck bed. One person remove truck bed, one person install truck bed  

    Remove truck box, install truck box, paint truck box, restore truck box, customize truck box, undercoat truck box, tilt truck box, repair truck box. One person remove truck box, one person install truck box